Their first experience at our office is a very important one. We want to get them comfortable and acquainted with the strange new things around them. So we offer a fun environment to get your kids to like going to the dentist. Here’s what to expect:

We like to take pictures of their teeth so we can reference them in the future. There is a small digital camera that is able to take close up pictures of the teeth. It’s interesting for kids to see their teeth up close. We also may use a CariVu camera. This is a special digital camera that uses transillumination to shine a powerful light between the teeth. It allows us to see cavities in some situations without x-rays. For older children, we may take x-rays. Our x-rays are the lowest radiation on the market. (Read our Blog about x-rays). If your child has never been to a dentist before, it’s wise to read a book to them about the experience. There are many at the library or on Amazon.

Your child’s teeth are cleaned and polished with non-fluoride prophy paste. We will also go over proper brushing/flossing techniques.

During the appointment, they’ll have shades to protect their eyes from the bright light. They’ll also have a personal TV to keep them entertained – (we offer Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube). You can have a show in mind if you have a preference.

At the end, your child receives a toothbrush. If he/she uses an electric toothbrush, you can use this one as a car toothbrush or a lunchbox toothbrush. You never know when you may need it! They’ll also get a prize from the toy box. What’s a visit to the dentist without a fun prize!

During the appointment, we will answer the parent’s questions and talk about your child’s oral hygiene, diet, nutrition, airway, sleep and the condition of the mouth. We may discuss interceptive orthodontics and tongue tie if appropriate. And we’ll recommend products and techniques to help your child have optimal oral health. We are happy that you are looking for a comprehensive, gentle and holistic form of dentistry for your child. Looking forward to meeting you!

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