May/June 2024-How Safe is Radiation in the Dental office

January/February 2024-Embrasing Serendipity and absorbing Vitamin D

October/November 2023– Healthy Habits Display Healthy teeth

August/September 2023– Cavity Prevention with Curbing Sugar Cravings

June/July 2023-Smile 🙂 it’ll improve your health

April/May 2023-Exsomes Therapy for your Oral health

February/March 2023– Orthodontic treatment and Expansion phases

December/January 2022-Admiring the Past, and Acquiring the Future

February/March 2022-Benefits of Spring Cleaning and Self Care

April/May 2022-New Faces and New Technology

June/July 2022-Holistic History

March 2021-Covid precaution / vitamin D / Turmeric/ Reducing stress.

February 2021- What’s Your Love Language

December 2020– Pandemic’s Footprints

November 2020 – Seasons of Change

October 2020- The Dental Connection to Oveall Health

September 2020_-The Speed at which Society Adapts

August 2020- Seeing The World Through Mother Nature’s Eyes

March 2020 – Artful Parenting

February 2020– The Secret to Living a Longer, Healthier Life

December 2019– Fermented Foods, Mental Health and Finding Balance

November 2019 -Welcoming Maya into the World

October 2019_- Pumpkin Spice Everything

September 2019_-Making Time for Family and Setting Intentions

July 2019– Finding Better Options for Sun Protection

June 2019– Introducing Dr Courtney Donkoh

May 2019 – Celebrating Motherhood

April 2019 – The Rise of Oral Cancer

March 2019 – Getting to the Root of a Good Night’s Sleep

February 2019 – Finding Confidence & Motivation

January 2019 – The Balancing Act

December 2018 – Celebrating the Positive in 2018

November 2018– The Learning Bug

October 2018 – Trick-or…

Sept 2018 – Getting to the Root of the Debate

August 2018 – Dr Julia’s story

July 2018 – A Time for Change

June 2018 – What should I eat

May 2018- Finding Balance

April 2018– How to Look at the World with Wonder

March 2018 – Spring Travels

Feb 2018-  An Update from Dr. Silva

January 2018 – A Year of Transformations

December 2017-Celebrating Holistic Health

November 2017-How Julie Combines 2 Approaches to Transform Your Health

October 2017-It’s Time to Celebrate

September 2017-Getting Schooled at Home and Work

August 2017-Wedding Bells

July 2017-According to Plan

June 2017-Lucky to Have My Dad

May 2017-My Awesome Mom

April 2017-If I Won The Lottery

March 2017-Putting Down Roots, Naturally

February 2017-Big Sister, Little Sister

January 2017– Here’s to another great 365!

December 2016– Welcome to the World

November 2016-  A Tradition of Gratitude: Why The Venue Matters Less Than The Company

October 2016- 1 Step Ahead of the Flu: Taking Precautions To Avoid The Autumn Bug

September 2016-  A Strange September Changing How You Feel About Change

August 2016-Help Your Kids Learn Healthy Eating Habits Early

July 2016-  Techy Dentistry A Little Rant About Some Exciting New Updates

April 2016- A Life of Dentistry: Meet Martha, Our New Associate Dentist!

March 2016- In The Market For Compromise: The Great House Hunt Continues

February 2016– Why We Do What We Do: The Purpose Behind Making a Difference

January 2016- An 8,000 Mile Smile: What I learned From Thailand

December 2015: How to Survive a Chicago Winter

November 2015: The Healing Power of Friendship

October 2015: Here’s to a Healthier Halloween: Terrible Trans Fats Finally get the Boot.

September 2015: Making a List, Checking it Twice

August 2015: Wrigleyville’s Standard of Excellence: Welcoming Dr. Silva on Board!

July 2015: Only the Good Brush Young: The Importance of Caring for Baby Teeth

June 2015: Share the Health: Changing the Family Diet – Trials and Tribulations

May 2015: Things They Don’t Teach You At Dental School: The Science Of Nutrition

April 2015: A Fresh Start: Wrigleyville Dental’s Team Detox

March 2015: Lessons Learned From Moving A Business

February 2015: Life Is A Highway And You’re The Driver

January 2015: New Years, New Goals, And How We Did In 2014

December 2014: Wrigleyville Dental Is Moving!

October 2014: Tricks, Treats, and Sugary Sweets

September 2014: Learning Something New Every Day

August 2014:My Mid-Year Progress Report

July 2014: Roadmap To Inspiration: How To Stimulate Creativity

June 2014: Happy And Healthy From Your Teeth To Your Toes

May 2014: The Teplitsky Dentists: Girl Power Starts With A Tooth

April 2014: No Teeth Lost at Wrigley

March 2014: Nonstop Learning, Love, and Exploration

February 2014: Spanish, Russian, And English: Multi-Multilingualism at Wrigleyville Dental.

December 2013: Banish Your Fear Of Commitment

November 2013: You’re More Than Just A Pretty Smile: How I Discovered Holistic Dentistry