Ozone is created by an energetic reaction that results in an oxygen molecule (O2) being split into singlet oxygen (O1). O2 then combines with O1 to form ozone (O3). Lightning and ultraviolet light all act on little old oxygen to make ozone, and ozone is everywhere! It smells like a thunderstorm or a copy machine – and wait until you read what it can do for you!

Ozone (O3) is oxygenated water that kills microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, helps improve cellular function, and promotes healing of damaged tissue. This anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic water or gas is also used to treat periodontal disease, cavities, and to disinfect surgical sites. It’s so safe and effective as a disinfectant, that it’s becoming more common to see it in pools instead of chlorine. Or at least it’s mainstream in many European countries. In medicine, It also helps patients heal faster and reduces sensitivity.

Ozone has been used to disinfect the water supply in Europe since 1856, but was only introduced to American holistic dentists in the early 1990’s. Ozone therapy is great for patients because it can target and destroy bacteria without toxic chemicals, surgery, or pain. The entire procedure takes minutes to complete, making it an ideal treatment for everyone. Ozone dental therapy is natural, safe, and side-effect free. 

At Wrigleyville Dental, we’ve been using ozone therapy as an affordable way to treat tooth sensitivity and to disinfect an area prior to placing a filling in a tooth. When a tooth is sensitive, we spray some ozone gas around the sensitive area and oftentimes, sensitivity instantly goes away. And after a tooth extraction, we use ozonated water to rinse the area to remove any pathogens that were left in the socket.

It works so well to reduce the germs in your mouth that we can use it inside your gums to treat or prevent gum disease. When patients have deep periodontal pockets, a little bit of ozone gas can reduce the pocket size and help improve gum health. And when doing fillings and crowns, spraying some ozonated gas can help sterilize the underlying surface, decreasing your chances for cavities. We are also learning ways to treat small cavities with ozone, instead of drilling! Talk about too good to be true, this little machine has been a life-changer in holistic dentistry for less invasive, more conservative and organic dental treatments.