Testing helps guide us with your treatment needs. We offer the following tests:

  Saliva Bacteria Pathogen Analysis

The mouth has over 6 billion bacteria. And not all are good. The “bad” bacteria can travel to different parts of your body. Gum disease can not only cause tooth loss, but is correlated with heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. A simple spit test can tell us if you have a dangerous level of bad bacteria and we can take preventative measures.

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  Sleep Study

Symptoms like fatigue, daytime sleepiness, irritability and inability to concentrate come from not getting a good night’s rest. A simple at-home sleep-study test can determine if your nighttime breathing is affecting your sleep. We rent you the sleep device. The results are interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician and we will discuss the report with you.

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  Mercury Toxicity Analysis

Before removing mercury-amalgam fillings, it is advised to have the Mercury Tri Test (blood, urine and hair samples given). The test reveals the “body burden” of mercury (how much you currently have), and if the liver and kidneys will be able to support the influx of mercury that happens during an amalgam removal.

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