Scaling and Root Planing (sometimes called a deep cleaning) is the first step in stopping the destruction of periodontal (gum) disease and to keep the disease under control.

How it’s Done

Scaling and root planing is the process of smoothing out the root surfaces of the teeth by removing hard calculus deposits (tartar) and debris from below the gums. Our hygienist will perform the SRP using special hand instruments, an ultrasonic scaler, or a combination of both. Once the calculus and debris are removed from below the gum lines, the hygienist will then irrigate the gums with ozone gas/water to help promote healing and prevent infection. You will also receive a complimentary Tooth & Gum Kit (which includes a mouthwash & and toothpaste) to help with your at home dental hygiene. The products in this kit have proven to remove harmful bacteria from the mouth, as observed under our microscope.

The time needed to complete SRP procedures depends on the severity of the disease, number of teeth effected, pocket depth, and amount of calculus present. Traditionally when the whole mouth needs SRP we will complete one side at a time. For most patients the SRP is done in two visits that are each about 60-100 minutes long.

Your comfort is our top priority. While most patients find little to no discomfort during SRP, some people like to be numb for this procedure. Your doctor or hygienist will discuss your numbing options. 

Once both sides of the SRP are complete the hygienist will schedule you back in 4-6 weeks for a re-evaluation. At this appointment the hygienist will re-check your pocket depths to determine how your gums are responding to the treatment and to determine how often you should be coming in for your regular cleanings so that the gum health does not relapse. They will also review proper brushing, flossing and may recommend other tools to help care for your mouth. Our holistic approach is fully customized to the unique individual. Our biological and holistic dentists and hygienists have your optimal health at the forefront.

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