​​Ribbond is an ultra-thin, ultra-strong bondable reinforcement string that prevents fracture failures in dental composites. This piece of super tough string holds tooth structure together and works really well to strengthen the tooth from within. It is mostly used when there is thin tooth structure or when there is a fracture present. It also can be used to splint teeth together instead of a metal wire. Ribbond’s strength and fracture toughness are unsurpassed by other fiber reinforcements due to a unique combination of ultra-high strength fibers, enhanced bondability and patented cross-link lock-stitch. This is one of the superpowers of conservative, biomimetic dentistry.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Prevents costly fracture failures
  • Made from the same super tough fibers used to make bulletproof vests
  • Blends esthetically with all shades of composite (tooth colored) filling material
  • Biocompatible
  • Helps with conservative tooth restoration

Ribbond could be a good alternative to a dental crown and in areas of a fracture. Ask your dentist if this could be a good holistic option for you.

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