WatchPAT is a revolutionary FDA-Cleared portable home sleep apnea test and diagnostic device that uses innovative technologies to ensure the accurate detection of sleep apnea and upper airway resistance syndrome. Unlike more complicated diagnostic devices, the WatchPAT home sleep study device is easy to use, accurate, and reliable.

WatchPAT was designed with patient use in mind for “in-home” sleep apnea testing in the comfort of your own bedroom. This environment is a more natural representation of your personal sleep habits. The WatchPAT home sleep device’s simple operation and robust, noninvasive design, ensures the best possible sleep experience.

WatchPAT home sleep test device has 3 points of contact design makes it easy to use. Simply prepare for sleep as you normally do. Just before you go to bed;

  1. Attach the chest sensor
  2. Strap on the WatchPAT home sleep apnea test bracelet to your non-dominate hand
  3. Slip on the finger probe & press start

 After the test is complete, the data is sent to a Board Certified Sleep Physician to interpret your results, determine a diagnosis and help recommend your treatment options. For a customized and holistic view on health, this test can be done on anyone over 12 years of age. The ideal candidate is one who does not wake up rested in the mornings, wakes frequently at night, wakes with headaches, grinds their teeth, snores and/or their sleeping affects their bed mates’. For more questions about sleep studies, please contact our office.