Silver-Mercury Amalgam Removal

Silver-Mercury amalgam fillings are composed of 50% liquid mercury and the other half as a powdered alloy of silver, tin and copper. If these metal fillings need to be removed, safety precautions must be in place for everyone in the room because the vapor that is emitted during a removal is toxic to everyone’s health. We are SMART Protocol and PROTECT Protocol certified to offer our patients a safe experience when removing these fillings. Read on for more information.

Our Protocol

We follow the IAOMT (SMART protocol) and the IABDM (PROTECT protocol) for safe mercury amalgam removal. We comply with all the recommended suctioning, cutting, draping, ozoning and supplementing. Once the amalgam filling is removed, an x-ray is taken to verify that all particles have been removed. It is highly advised to follow up with your primary healthcare practitioner after this appointment. Our goal is to keep you safe!

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What to do prior to removal

Whenever a mercury amalgam is removed from a tooth, some of the mercury seeps into the body’s tissues no matter how safe the protocol. Therefore, removing mercury fillings is not advised for everyone. If there is the potential for adverse reactions, a Mercury Toxicity Test is recommended prior to amalgam removal. Some healthcare practitioners want their patients on kidney and/or liver support before and after the procedure. Check with your medical doctor prior to having your amalgams removed if there may be any contraindications.

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What to do after removal

As with any dental work, take it easy after your procedure. Give this tooth a little love. Don’t bite on it for the day, don’t irritate it with extreme temperatures. Gradually introduce different temperatures and textures. Drink lots of water and try to sweat to help detox. Follow up with your medical doctor, as they may want you to take supplements.

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