Modern Orthodontics

We approach orthodontics from a root cause perspective. This means that we don’t just straighten teeth, but we look at the reasons that the teeth became crooked or misaligned. When we fix the original issue, we can achieve optimal function in kids and adults. The results also last much longer and revisions are rarely needed. In a growing child, when we create room in their mouth for their tongue and all their teeth, it enables them to breathe better and therefore reach their potential. We are able to impact their cognitive growth and development. This form of orthodontics goes by various names: airway focused orthodontics, functional orthodontics, early intervention orthodontics and many others. They all have the same goal: to create adequate room in the mouth and to teach children healthy oral habits so that proper growth and development can occur.

Dr. Catherine Murphy is our pediatric orthodontics who practices early intervention orthodontics for children.

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